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Tuition References and Testimonials

For Tuition References and Endorsement please contact:

Mrs Collette Short, Emeritus Chair of the Governors at Orston School
Focus Family Law

Email Collette Short
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Tuition Testimonial letters received from Children and Parents:

Testimonials from Parents of Children at Staunton Tutorial Tuition Centre:

  • “My son worked with Robert for about a year in preparation for his 11+ exam. During that time I saw him mature as a young person whilst developing a range of skills to allow him to become more confident  in all aspects of his learning. The sessions he attended not only supported this development but provided a friendly, caring, and enjoyable environment in which to prepare him for the rigours of the formal examinations. But, most importantly, it is our son who is the first to extol the benefits/rewards of such individualised educational provision.” ~ Mrs B.A.K. (Tuition Centre)
  • “Over the last twelve months with you we have seen our son flourish not only academically but emotionally. His self-belief and confidence have soared under your wing and we truly believe this has been a fundamental element to his 11+ success. This confidence has enabled him to explore and try new tasks without hesitation…for us parents this has been a pleasure to see. Passing his 11+ gave him a real sense of achievement…This new found attitude has had a real impact on his school work, achieving far more than he has before.” ~ From a local parent. (Tuition Centre)
  • “In life there are a handful of people who are instrumental in the path we take, consider yourself one of them in guiding our son to his next schooling chapter. We are very proud of him.” ~ From a local parent. (Tuition Centre)
  • “We’ve really appreciated coming to Staunton Tutorial Centre and the caring, stimulating learning environment you’ve created there. Many thanks.” Mrs C.
  • “Robert, Just a thank you for putting in all your time with Oliver and helping him to believe. Many, many thanks.” Mrs C. J.
  • “Thank you for your hard work this last year in helping my son. He has really enjoyed working with you.” Mrs G.
  • “When sourcing education for my children, I know the relationships between tutor and student are very important, in order to enable the children to engage with the learning process.  Having entrusted Theo to the school many years ago, it seemed only natural to approach you for tutorial support at this time.
    You are a very talented teacher, who puts the students at ease, and enables learning to take place. Having taught B. at this 11+ level, your tutorials are ‘priceless’ to me, because not only has he been successful, probably more important than his educational achievement, is that you developed his confidence in himself and his abilities.  Your subliminal behavioural coaching skills enabled him to make the transition from primary to secondary.  That is what sets you apart in my opinion.
    I have recommended you to friends as I believe the holistic learning experience you offer, at any age, is individual and tailored to the child.  That is much appreciated from an educationalist like myself, and is a rare thing. Thank you. S.”  ~ From a University Lecturer and local parent. (Tuition Centre)
  • “Hello Robert,Once again, thank you very much for your efforts in helping P. achieve her 11+ pass. Very much appreciated. On getting her results, the first thing P. wanted to do was write you an appreciative letter of thanks. She wrote the letter by herself – all the words are her own and I think it summed up all of our thoughts.From our side as parents, we were very pleased with the clear concise and fun way which you presented the course. From my own experience, I clearly recall the “good” teachers who injected their subjects with infectious enthusiasm and made learning a pleasure. You certainly have this gift.
    It was very apparent from the off that you were able to present the material in an interesting way. I recall P. saying that she had enjoyed her first lesson and was looking forward to doing more. We felt that you set just the right tone, with a good work ethic and lots of encouragement. Additionally, taking the time to explain the more tricky questions on a one to one basis was really helpful. Your TIC-TAC tactics proved to be invaluable for recognising the type of question and quickly finding the answer.
    The course was well structured allowing the students to achieve their peak performance just in time for the examination, the summer holiday papers were great for keeping continuity. The mock test presented an excellent opportunity to experience that “first exam” and help calm some nerves for the main event. The last minute tweaking based on the mock results was good for both confidence and performance. Overall, we were delighted with your tuition and the positive results which were achieved. Best regards, C. and M.” ~ Local parents (Tuition Centre)
  • “Many thanks for all your help (with the 11+), my son has really enjoyed and benefited from your input. The mock exam was especially helpful as he was very nervous & this helped to prepare him for the real exams.” ~ from Mrs H.
  • ” I am amazed at not only his development since having these few sessions with you, but also his complete love, enjoyment and interest in your lesson and the homework you send him home with. I think he is thriving on being in the small group that he is in…” (Mrs J. P.)
  • “I thought I ought to say how grateful we are for your help with our daughter. She has come on leaps and bounds, and her 11+ result far exceeded our expectations. I have recommended you to a couple of work colleague…” (Mr. G)
  • “Hi Robert, My daughter got 252 or 90% – really pleased. Thanks again for all your help with her over the year. She enjoyed the course and never once didn’t want to attend which is a credit to how you have structured and delivered the course.  You were completely correct in your assertion that she would peak in September and I think her results confirm that! Thanks again and best wishes for your future tutoring courses.” Mrs. B.
  • “Could I also take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful support you have given S. over the last year (at the Tutorial Centre with the 11+). Staunton has been a very significant part of our girls’ lives what with the wonderful start they all had at nursery and now this further element of (tutorial) support to see them through what could have been a stressful undertaking. All three of them continue to remember the fabulous things they had the chance to do at nursery, it was the perfect environment. I know we thanked you and all the staff as they were leaving but I wanted to let you all know how this grounding lives on with them.” Mrs W.
  • “Thank you Robert for our daughter’s great results – we are delighted!!
    She thoroughly enjoys your sessions and has mentioned on several occasions that your techniques have given her confidence at school!! Kind Regards, C. & A.”
  • “Hi Robert, You’ve probably heard but I just wanted to tell you that Henry has been offered a place at Kings after his great result in the 11+ My husband and I would both like to thank you for your help and hard work in enabling Henry to go. He is coming on really well at school and we are both sure you have given him the motivation to do well. Kind regards, D and N”

Tuition testimonial from an Outstanding local Primary Academy Head:

“Robert tutors a number of our children to help prepare them for their 11+ entrance exams and I know our children enjoy going to him. They have great confidence in him and like him very much.

Staunton Montessori is a nurturing environment for children and everyone speaks very highly of the organisation.

Mrs Sue Eveleigh
(now Emeritus) Head teacher
Long Bennington Church of England Academy”
Long Bennington Academy

Testimonials from Children at the Tutorial Centre:

  • “Robert is not just a tutor he is also a kind-hearted man that I am grateful to. He has helped me towards the High School test and taught me how to write essays and other important things. Robert works me hard, but I don’t mind because it’s all worth it. Robert Staunton has played an important part in my life…he is a great tutor. He has (also) helped me through the Kings test. Robert Staunton is a very, very nice man and also the best tutor ever. If you want a child to go to a good tutor then ask Robert, mind you he’ll probably be full, he’s so good.” ~ By J. – a scholarship student (when in Year 6) writing on the topic ‘Someone I admire’ and he wasn’t even paid for this feedback!!
  • “Dear Robert, You are the best tutor teacher ever, keep it up, without you I don’t think I could have passed my 10+ exam, but I did and it’s all because of you. I think my new school is going to be worth all the hard work and I am really excited. I love my new school uniform! THANK YOU SO MUCH. from Emma” (Year 5)

From B 2015

  • “To Robert, Thank you for helping me so much with my 11+ work. And how hard you have worked to get me to this level. Also you make lessons like a trip to the theme park compared to some teachers, so thank you very much. I will miss you!” ~ From a Year 6 student who had just finished her tuition course.
  • “To Robert, Thank you so much for tutoring me for the 11+. I couldn’t have done it without you.” ~ (From a Year 6 boy)
  • “The greatest tutor in the galaxy!” ~ J. (Year 6)
  • “You have taught me life-long lessons which I will never forget…” ~ M. (Year 5)
  • “A huge thank you for helping me pass my 11+ with a great score! Also thanks for your help over the last 3 years as you have helped me improve my ‘game’! from J.W. (Year 6)”
  • “Thank you for teaching me so much over the last year. I couldn’t have done the exam without you.” from M.C. (Year 6)
  • Dear Rob, You’re the BEST in the world. From William xx” (Year 6)


Testimonials for Staunton Montessori Nursery School

An Example of Creative Writing by a Tutorial Student:

‘My Perfect School’ by L. A. (a Year 6 Student)

My perfect school would be located on the sunny island of Barbados, on a long stretch of white, sandy beach, over-looking the turquoise ocean.

It would be a boarding school with large glass windows all along the side facing the ocean so that you could see the amazing view and would have air-conditioning. Children from the age of 4-16 would go so that they don’t have to move schools and there would be a sixth form and university next to it. Class sizes would be around 10, with boys and girls in separate classes. The school week would be 4 days, Monday to Thursday. The dormitories would  sleep 10, either girls or boys from each class.

The school would have 2 glistening swimming pools, large beautiful grounds including the beach and grassy areas. There would be a gift shop and mini golf, a gym and a games room with a Wii, pool tables and other games for children to relax.

The school day would be from 10am to 4pm with an hour break for lunch at mid-day. Lunch would be served in the open-air beach-side restaurant, there would also be a hot dog stand and sweet shop. Snacks available would include delicious sugar cane and coconuts. The children would not wear uniform but would wear a badge with the school logo, which would be a turtle and a parrot.

Lessons would be taught under the shade of the palm trees, enjoying the gentle breeze and the whispering sound of the ocean. Students would sit in comfy beach chairs that have a flip down tray for putting their work on. There would be wi-fi on the beach and all students would have an iPad so that they didn’t have to carry lots of books around. Older children would help the younger ones when they were struggling with their work.

Maths and Literacy lessons would be a different interesting project each term. Maths would have practical lessons such as counting turtle eggs, measuring the size of their nests and making graphs.

PE lessons would involve swimming in the sea and pool, canoeing, surfing, body-boarding and horse-riding on the beach.

Science lessons would be studying the turtles and other exotic creatures that live in the sea and the school parrot.

During Geography children would explore the underground caves, looking at the stalactites and stalagmites and underground streams.

For History trips children would visit the old plantation houses and museum.

Each class would get to choose their own school trip, they could explore the island either on jet-ski, boat rides or jeep safaris, or explore under the sea on a submarine or go snorkelling to see the colourful, shimmering fish.

There would not be any homework or punishments as children would enjoy being at school and get on with their work.”

by L. A. (Year 6)

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