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Forest School Information for Parents

“I was thrilled to be invited to see the Forest School, as outdoor education is a real interest of mine. What a fantastic experience for your children, there is a lot to be said for children being free to explore and challenge themselves in a safe and open environment like yours. I know research has shown that most adults would say that their happiest childhood memories are linked to adventures in the out of doors. Your children get to have adventures every day!”

Helen Jennings, Head Teacher, Orston Primary School, Nottingham UK

What to wear and what to bring to Forest School:

  • Food and Drink
    • Children to bring their own lunches in named, sealed, lunch boxes.
    • Parents are advised to put ice blocks in during warm weather.
    • Due to the risk of nut allergies there should be no nuts in the lunch boxes.
    • The Forest School Leader will organise a snack during morning.
    • Drinking water is available at all times.

  • Forest School and Outdoor Clothing
    • All children need to wear sensible footwear, ideally wellies, snow boots or trainers.
    • No sandals, crocs or other open shoes to be worn during Forest School sessions.
    • Children to wear long trousers and socks to protect their legs from scratches and stings.
    • During cold and damp weather children should wear waterproof tops and trousers. The school staff will assess whether they think the children are wearing sufficient layers of warm clothing and provide spares when necessary. (If available – if no suitable clothing can be found, then the child can be left with the other group in the school.)
    • In winter or in wet weather please make sure that you provide suitable all-in-one waterproof and lined suits if necessary.
    • If it is cold, please make sure your child has thick socks for wellington boots, as these don’t provide much insulation and children with cold toes aren’t happy children!
    • Likewise please provide named gloves, which are attached to the child’s jacket with either elastic or clips, so they are less likely to get lost.
    • If your child is in nappies or potty training, waterproof trousers are better for obvious reasons.
    • Please make sure you name all the outdoor gear.

  • Sun Hats and Sun Cream
    • Children to wear sun hats or caps and sun cream, during hot weather.
    • It is the nursery school’s policy that parents must apply a ‘once-a-day’ type sun cream liberally to their child/children before they arrive at school during the summer months. ‘Once-a-day’ sun cream is available from Boots or any good chemist.
    • We may re-apply sun cream at lunchtime if your child is attending all day on a very hot and sunny day.
  • Change of Clothes
    • Please provide at least one change of clothes for your child, including socks and pants, just in case they get wet. We suggest that you leave a change of clothes in your child’s bag on their peg.