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Montessori Nursery School Information

Montessori Nursery School: Useful Information for Parents:

Renovations to our beautiful 19th century barns have created a wonderful atmosphere for the school.

  • Term Dates: Based on Nottinghamshire Local Authority Dates.
  • Hours, Terms and Enrolment: Children, toddlers and babies between 14 months (or confident walkers) – 5 years are invited to attend a minimum of two sessions per week.
  • Fees, Entitlement and Help with Fees: Staunton Montessori Nursery School is registered for the Local Authority Nursery Education Funding.
  • Food and Drink: Hot Lunches at Staunton Montessori Nursery School in partnership with the Staunton Arms Restaurant, Staunton in the Vale.
    Please contact the pub directly to request order information on hot lunch for your child:

Term Dates

  • Nursery School Term dates are based on the Nottinghamshire LA schedule below (unless otherwise notified).

Please click on the link below to view all term dates for this year and the next year ahead:

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Hours, Terms and Enrolment

Children, toddlers and babies between 14 months – 5 years are invited to attend a minimum of two sessions per week.

Staunton Montessori Nursery School offers:

  • Breakfast Club:      8.00am-9.00am
  • Morning Session:  9.00am-1.15pm
  • School Day:           9.00am-3.00pm
  • Red Apple short day: 9.00am-2.00pm (for children in receipt of Free Entitlement funding only)
  • After-School Club: 3.00pm-4.00pm
  • Afternoon Session: 1.15pm-3.00pm
Staunton Montessori Nursery School in snow

Staunton Montessori in Winter

For Local Education Authority entitlement hours see ‘fees’ (below).

Parents requiring day care till 6pm for pre-school children and babies can combine the unique Montessori Education experience with other child-care provision, which can work in partnership with our school to offer an extended full day-care service. Please contact the school office for more information as we can try to help put you in touch with registered local child-minders and/or nannies.

Dr Miriam Stoppard said: “Staunton Montessori will now be accepting younger children…
I commend this development and very much look forward to my next visit so I can meet everyone again.”

To register a place for your child (Enrolment Fee £40), please print out, complete and return the Enrolment Form.

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Friendships and enjoyment at Staunton Montessori!

Staunton Montessori Nursery School Fees (From April 2023)

Please note paying via Tax-Free Childcare (TFC) can save up to 20% (for information on TFC see Appendix below; also please note that terms and conditions apply). The tariff below therefore sets out fees both with and without TFC.

‘Little Apple’ (12-24-month olds) Fee Tariff:

  • Full Days (9.00a.m.- 3.00p.m.) cost:
    • £34.32 if paid via ‘Tax-Free Childcare’* (TFC)
    • or £42.90 without TFC
  • Mornings (9.00a.m.-1.15p.m.) cost:
    • £25.96 if paid via TFC
    • or £32.45 without TFC

‘Green Apple’ (2-year olds) Fee Tariff:

  • Full Days (9.00a.m.- 3.00p.m.) cost:
    • £33.00 if paid via ‘Tax-Free Childcare’* (TFC)
    • or £41.25 without TFC
  • Mornings (9.00a.m.-1.15p.m.) cost:
    • £24.20 if paid via TFC
    • or £30.25 without TFC
  • N.B. 2-year-old free funding available in certain circumstances. Parents wishing to know more should visit:

‘Red Apple’ (3-5-year olds) Fee Tariff:

Most 3-5-year olds are eligible for government Free Entitlement Funding (FEF). Staunton Montessori Nursery School provides Local Authority Entitlement Funding for 5 hours per day.

  • Full Days (9.00a.m -3.00p.m.) with Free Entitlement Funding (FEF):

5 hours entitlement, plus top-up fees to cover the full session

  • £8.36 if paid via ‘Tax-Free Childcare’* (TFC)
  • or £10.45 without TFC
  • Full day cost without FEF:
    • £28.20 with TFC
    • £35.25 without TFC
  • Mornings (9.00a.m.-1.15p.m.) with Free Entitlement Funding (FEF):
    • No top-up fees payable (hours covered by FEF)
  • Morning cost without FEF:
    • £21.12 with TFC
    • or £26.40 without TFC

Wrap-Around Care Fees Tariff:

Applicable to children joining us outside of our ‘school day’ hours of 9.00a.m-3.00p.m.

  • ‘Breakfast Club’: 8.00a.m.- 9.00a.m. cost:
    • £6.60 if paid via ‘Tax-Free Childcare’* (TFC)
    • or £8.25 without TFC
  • ‘After-School Club’: 3.00a.m.-4.00p.m. cost:
    • £6.60 if paid via TFC
    • or £8.25 without TFC Please note that restrictions, terms and conditions apply.

Some means tested bursaries are available to enable inclusive and extended access regarding top-up fees.

*Tax-Free Childcare: Parents can get up to 20% off childcare costs (restrictions, terms and conditions apply). If you get a Tax-Free Childcare account, the government will pay £2 for every £8 you pay your childcare provider via an online account. For further information about Tax-Free Childcare please see:

The Nottinghamshire County Council Provider Agreement for Early Education Universal Entitlement Funding:

  • States under clause 2.1.2 that ‘parents are able to access 5 hours a day over three days of the week’

Please note that attending for three full days at Staunton Montessori generates a claim for 15 hours universal entitlement funding, but if a child is attending for more than 5 hours then top-up fees apply (top-up hourly rate). Parents may claim 15 hours funding over two settings but may not claim more than 15 hours in total at this time. The entitlement sessions run from 9.00a.m.-2.00p.m. All entitlement hours are paid by Nottinghamshire Local Authority and are delivered free of charge (terms and conditions apply). Parents pay the top-up fees at the rate set by Staunton Education for the hours their child attends which are outside the stipulated free entitlement periods.

Extension to the Entitlement Funding:

Parents may be aware that from September 2017 the government has rolled out an additional 15 hours of entitlement funding per week for pre-school aged children in an attempt to get both parents into employment. Early Years settings have a choice whether they wish to opt out, or offer some or all of these extra hours. As we currently offer 5 hours of funding per day, we have opted to offer 25 hours (5 x 5hrs) from September 2017. This will really help parents at Staunton if their child is doing 4 or 5 full days per week. Not all parents will qualify for additional hours as there are eligibility criteria; but in simple terms if a parent works the equivalent of 16 hours per week earning the National Living or Minimum wage (or above), they usually qualify.

For further information about help with childcare costs please see:

Fees include snacks and specialist pre-school teaching, such as for yoga, dance, music, gardening, forest schooling and cookery.

We accept Gross Pay Scheme direct credits, arranged by agents such as Edenred, Computershare and Care4.

  • For either instalment payments or payments using a Gross Pay Scheme agent, there is a termly charge of £15.80 (£3.95/month) to cover the additional administrative and cash flow costs associated with these schemes.
  • Cheques should be made payable to “Staunton Montessori” or pay directly into our bank account. (Please contact the school office for banking details).

For Entitlement Funding terms and conditions apply and places are subject to availability. Parents may use funding across two different providers, but must not claim more than 15 hours in total. Age restrictions apply and funding is only for 38 weeks. Proof of your child’s date of birth is required. Top-up hours offered (again subject to availability, terms and conditions).

Feedback from a Parent:


Circle Time Staunton Forest School

Circle Time in the Forest School


Feedback from a Montessori Parent: “Dear Robert, I would just like to thank you and all of your team for the amazing love, attention and support you have offered my family over the years we have been with you. I hope you and your team continue to have success and prosper, you and they certainly deserve it given all the efforts put in.”

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Food and Drink

Lunch: Children are requested to bring a packed lunch, which is eaten as a group. Communal eating is considered an important part of learning social skills at all Montessori Nursery Schools.

Snacks: Montessori nursery provides drinks and snacks, with the children playing an active role in sharing out the food and drink.
Allergies: The school is a ‘Nut-free’ zone due to the prevalence of allergic reactions. So no peanut butter sandwiches in lunch boxes please!

HM Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration in 2016

HM Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration in 2016


Should you wish to do so, please bring in a cake and candles on or near your child’s birthday, so that we can celebrate it with them!

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School Uniform

Staunton Montessori Nursery School Uniform – practical and fun!

Staunton Montessori Nursery has an informal school uniform which is supplied to each child upon induction. It is strongly recommended for the children, as it protects their clothes from paints and glue, which can stain. The uniform is available in a range of colours to allow individuality to be expressed. Popular colours are sky blue, navy, red, and pink.

Each child is requested to bring the following items:

  • A change of clothes to be left at school.
  • Wellington boots (with thick socks if it’s cold).
  • Nappies with wipes for children who need them.

What to wear and what to bring to Forest School

Naming: Please clearly name all your child’s belongings, including boots, shoes, Tupperware, lunch boxes, toothbrush, coats and uniform.

Staunton Montessori Nursery recommends the company ‘Easy2Name’, for purchasing naming labels etc. Please contact them at or on 01635 298 326, quoting the reference: ‘Staunton Montessori’.

Staunton Montessori Nursery School ‘Catchment’ Area:

Map of Staunton Montessori School in Nottinghamshire UK

Staunton Montessori Nursery School and Tuition Centre is situated in the village of Staunton in the Vale, Vale of Belvoir, Nottinghamshire. Although there is no official catchment area, Staunton Montessori attracts families from the following places. Being 2 miles from the A1 and also the A52 local road links are very good.

  • Nottingham
  • Newark on Trent
  • Vale of Belvoir
  • Allington
  • Aslockton
  • Balderton
  • Bassingham
  • Bingham
  • Bottesford
  • Caythorpe
  • Farndon
  • Fernwood
  • Fulbeck
  • Grantham
  • Kelham
  • Long Bennington
  • Southwell
  • West Bridgford
  • Winthorpe

and other villages in the District of Newark and Sherwood, between Lincoln and Leicester.

Click for a Google Map of the area.

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Thank you for taking the time to consider the Staunton Montessori Nursery School for your child.