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Pre-school Reading at Staunton Montessori

Engrossed in a book…

Staunton Montessori School

For pre-school children aged 12 months – 5 years


  • 8.00am – 9.00am Breakfast Club
  • 9.00 am – 1.15 pm Morning Session
  • 9.00 am – 3.00 pm School Day
  • 3.00 pm – 4.00pm After School Club
  • Summer School Holiday Club: 9am – 3.30pm

Staunton Montessori Nursery School day-care centre provides a welcoming home from home family experience for each child. The nursery has an average staff to child ratio of 1:5, which is well under the OFSTED regulation ratio for day care of 3 year olds.

Our warm hearted and friendly environment enables young children to relax and flourish, so that they can enjoy their important nursery pre-school years to the full.

The children receive plenty of one to one attention from highly qualified and experienced staff, who make every effort to respond to the individual needs of the child.

By keeping our groups small and our standards high we offer an exceptionally caring and creative early years learning environment.

Friendships count at Staunton Montessori

Friendships count at Staunton Montessori

Meeting the nursery pony

Meeting the nursery pony

Practical Life Learning

Practical life exercises are designed to teach pre-school children life skills, such as tying shoelaces, buttoning coats, cleaning and polishing. Dr Montessori observed that young children are instinctively drawn to want to carry out tasks that they see adults performing. The practical life exercises have been shown to develop the child’s independence, concentration and co-ordination. Not only do they learn to care for themselves, but also they learn to care for others and their environment. Observers have witnessed just how courteous and gracious children are when they have had the
benefit of a Montessori pre-school education.

Pony Petting:

We are very pleased to announce that we’re now offering pony petting as an integral part of the curriculum of Staunton Montessori. We’d hoped to offer riding sessions in-house too, but we’d have had to register as a riding school which is very laborious. Any riding lessons will be offered on an ad hoc basis using a local and trusted Pony Party company. Pony petting, however, is just as much fun and we’re sure the children will love it. There will be no additional charge for the extra costs associated with pony petting, keeping a nursery pony or the extra insurance which covers the children.

Feedback from Parents:

“I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you. We can’t thank you enough for your support with Lola, you have been so kind to give her the chance to blossom even more.

She loves your nursery and will miss it so much. She has gained confidence and is so happy to come everyday and has even asked to come more. You should be extremely proud; it is a beautiful setting with amazing friendly staff and happy children- All thanks to you Robert. I will continue to recommend your Montessori to everyone. Love  E. & family xxx”

“I can’t believe my son is leaving and want him to enjoy and make the most of the next 2 weeks! He will miss Montessori and so will I. I feel very emotional about him leaving as we have had 5 lovely years of coming to Staunton. What a fantastic time he has had with you all as did his brother and I must say I think it’s the best nursery in the world! He is excited for the next chapter but for us this is an end of an era. Staunton Montessori we have loved you!” Mrs. S.

Video of pony riding at Montessori:

Learning and play go together

Learning and play go together

Sensorial Learning

Montessori sensorial materials awaken the child’s ability to learn through their senses. For example, the children match and grade sounds, colours, textures and forms. They also learn how to differentiate objects with increasing precision, such as learning to judge weight.

Pre-school Literacy is fun!

Early Years Literacy is fun!

Early Language Learning

The language program begins with oral language work, such as developing vocabulary and recognising different sounds. A phonetic system is used to help the child to understand which sounds go with letters or group of letters. In Montessori, each child uses sandpaper letters and a large movable alphabet to develop early skills in literacy. In groups, children enjoy learning to listen attentively and also to express themselves by talking about their own experiences. They make up their own stories and take part in role-plays, which support the development of imagination, teamwork and also language skills.

Such pre-school learning is of considerable benefit when the child goes on to enter primary school and begins to address more formal spelling and reading work. It has been found that children, who have had the advantage of Montessori, can often read by the time that they leave nursery.

Pre-School Communication, Language & Literacy Development

Click the link below for the staff policy document for Pre-School Communication, Language and Literacy Development at Staunton Montessori, which details our approach to phonics etc. and demonstrates our aim to work with parents as partners in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Pre-School Communication, Language & Literacy Development – Policy

Feedback from parent: “We would also like to take a moment to thank each and every member of staff for helping to settle Teddy so quickly into Montessori life, he absolutely loves attending, to the point he begs to come to school every single day. It’s so lovely to see him in class every session I drop him off and collect and to see how truly loving and affectionate your staff are. Your Montessori is one amazing setting. So thank you all so much and merry Christmas to you all.”
Using the Montessori Cylinders - Pre-school child

Using the Montessori Cylinders

Early Number Learning

When pre-school children in Montessori are introduced to maths they are encouraged to link the abstract with the concrete, for example children learn to see that the number 2 corresponds to two counters. Likewise they link the idea of 2 with a solid 2, surfaced with sandpaper. The use of these sandpaper numbers enables children to learn through feeling which helps them to consolidate basic numeracy. When the children are able to recognise number, they go on to explore basic addition and subtraction.

Children investigate early mathematical language and describe shape, position, size and quantity. They compare, sort, match, order and sequence using everyday objects, drawing together numeracy and practical life learning.

Nature walk near the Montessori School in Nottinghamshire

Going on a nature walk near the School

Knowledge & Understanding of the World

Specialised Montessori materials are utilised to teach about science, history and geography. The pre-school child develops an initial knowledge and understanding of other cultures and the magic of the natural world. For example, children are taken on guided nature walks in the beautiful Nottinghamshire countryside and learn about plant growth and a variety of animals. The children are given special opportunities to appreciate the unspoilt natural setting of the school.

Montessori schools also encourage the exploration of the cycle of religious and cultural festivals through the year. The children participate in inspiring projects in this curriculum area, which are great fun and also provide avenues for important pre-school learning. Children really thrive in the safety and diversity of the Montessori environment where they are encouraged to fully enjoy the mystery and excitement of being very young.

Getting messy in a cooking session!

Getting messy in a cooking session!

Art, Craft & Cooking

Various forms of art, craft-work and cookery are introduced to the children. Children are given many opportunities to enjoy producing something for themselves and have a wide range of resources at their disposal.

As the children learn to think and create for themselves, they begin to develop preference, character and a positive self-worth. Children are valued by their needs and efforts, rather than by their results and this non-competitive ethos is the bedrock of the Montessori approach.

 Video of an amazing art session:

A parent shows the children her viola

A parent shows the children her viola


Staunton Montessori offers ‘Sing a Rainbow’ Music Workshops. We introduce the children to singing and dance and give them the opportunity to try various musical instruments. Music, along with drama, is often incorporated into our daily circle time. During this time the whole group works together on a certain task or theme which is directed by a trained pre-school teacher. For more please see:

Blowing bubbles in the play area

Blowing bubbles in the play area

Physical Development

We offer a spacious and safe outdoor play area with a wide range of equipment, such as wheeled toys, beanbags, balls, balancing and climbing apparatus. Active and co-operative play is encouraged and the importance of physical development in the early years is given appropriate attention. We recognise that movement, such as jumping, hopping, balancing, catching and kicking balls all aid co-ordination, balance and muscle tone.

Miriam Stoppard OBE said: “Promoting a child’s good health and recognising a child’s talents is a key role for parents, child-carers and teachers. I have always aimed to give people the confidence to follow their instincts in understanding what’s best for their child or the child they care for. Exercise and sport gives young children the chance to express their innate desire for physical development. Individual children will have differing aptitudes and inclinations towards different types a sport and recreational movement.”

Dr. Stoppard went on to say: “At Staunton Montessori School, where I am the Honorary Patron, a great deal of planning and consideration is given to children’s physical development. The setting offers early years sports, yoga and dance lessons.”

Video of a Yoga and Movement session: Also please view this link –

Feedback from Parent:

“Dear Robert,

I just wanted to make contact to say that my son has simply loved your nursery school since he started, since minute one on day one. His confidence and independence is visibly growing with each session and he seems extremely happy in himself. He has changed and developed significantly in only 3 weeks.  A huge thank you to you and all your wonderful staff.  I certainly wasn’t expecting such an easy start. He is definitely in the right learning place now and I am delighted.

Kind Regards, Mrs….”

Group Photo

Pudsey Bear visits Staunton Montessori for BBC Children in Need

Record Keeping 

Example of a Report

A child’s progress report

Comprehensive records of each child’s achievements and areas for development are reviewed on a regular basis and contribute to the future educational provision for each child. Our nursery school aims to keep parents closely in touch with their pre-school child’s development. Although we are a Montessori School we also follow the Early Learning goals set out in the EYFS and inspected by OFSTED. The guidance from the EYFS and OFSTED serves to compliment the Montessori curriculum. For those interested in the detail of how the Montessori and pre-school curriculum work together, please contact the school for an information sheet on the subject.

For more details please see: Assessment Pages

About Montessori Pre-school Education

Feedback reflecting the diversity and enrichment that children at Staunton Montessori receive:

“Thank you so much for all the effort you and the rest of the team at Staunton have put into making my son’s time so enjoyable at nursery. He has particularly loved Forest School and will really miss it, I’m sure, when he is at primary school! He has also particularly loved Yoga with Lisa and baking with Louise too. I couldn’t think of a better nursery in the area to send my children to. It has really helped my son come out of his shell and be more confident and has absolutely prepared him for school! Thanks again.” ~ From a Staunton Montessori Parent.


Extract from the above letter of feedback from Dr Victoria Chadwick:

“A heartfelt thank you for the most wonderful 18 months that our daughter spend with you – she has genuinely loved every minute. Even on weekends and days off I think she would rather be with you and is often heard to say,’ Oh! Is it not nursery today? I have much more fun there!’  As well as having fun, she has learnt a great deal, both socially and emotionally as well as academically, which will be a brilliant basis on which to start school. The dedication, commitment and enthusiasm and genuine care and attention shown by everyone at Staunton is an inspiration and restores one’s faith in humanity.”

Gardening at Montessori with Professional Gardener Dan Hoye: