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Please note that Ofsted inspect the nursery provision under the Early Years Register, but do not inspect the Tutorial Centre examination course. Ofsted do inspect after-school clubs.

Feedback from Year 6 student:

Feedback from new Tutorial Parents:
“You might be interested in some feedback. J. loves this course. He really enjoys the coaching in the tutorial sessions as it makes him feel like part of a special group. He relishes the challenge of the homework. He said that the tasks feel like puzzles to him – more like games than actual work. I usually have to chase him to complete homework but he’s now coming to me with his book, delighted to explain how he figured out the answers. He feels like a secret agent – an Enigma code-breaker!” from Mr Murphy

A reference from Professor Dr Ali Mobasheri (Associate Dean and Professor of Musculoskeletal Physiology) “I discovered Staunton Montessori and Tutorial in 2008:
“I registered my youngest child in the Montessori school and was impressed with the nursery, especially the dedication of the staff. The following year my eldest twin children received tuition for the Lincolnshire 11+ examinations and passed with a respectable score, thanks to the tutorials provided by Robert Staunton. Later Robert tutored my third child who was also able to pass the 11+ exam and attend her first choice high school in Sleaford. My youngest is now preparing for the 11+ and has started back in Staunton Tutorial. Robert has many years of experience in 11+ tuition, high success rates and is therefore highly recommended.”

“Dear Robert,  Just a short note to express my thanks for my son’s recent assessment. In the short time you had with him you gathered a comprehensive set of results in different subject areas. The appraisal was thorough and presented a true reflection of abilities. I wish my school reports were as thorough and comprehensive as this.  I value the time and honesty afforded to us and your realistic views and feedback regarding the 11+. It has been a worthwhile exercise for us to undertake to support our selection choices for secondary school. Thank you for your valuable appraisal of my son’s academic abilities.     Kindest Regards, Mrs _”

“Thank you Robert for our daughter’s great (exam) results – we are delighted!!
She thoroughly enjoys your sessions and has mentioned on several occasions that your techniques have given her confidence at school!! Kind Regards, C. & A.”
Feedback from Parent after Induction Academic Assessment:

“Hi Robert, Just a quick note to say thank you for your time on Wednesday. It was really great to meet you and thank you for taking the time to work with my daughter. I was very impressed with your assessment of her and how insightfully you captured her learning requirements so accurately – it gives me huge reassurance that she’ll be able to continue her learning with you from October. I’ll look forward to hearing from you nearer the time with regards to her place but for now, I just wanted to say thank you. Best wishes, (mother of year 4 child)”

Staunton Tutorial Centre: Services Provided:

Staunton Tutorial Centre offers the following range of subjects:

  • 11+  tuition & intensive exam preparation for Grammar or Private School Entrance (also including the 9+, 10+ and 13+ exams)
  • Academic Profile Assessments with either verbal or written feedback to parents
  • Primary & Secondary exam skills tutoring, academic optimisation and study support (Key Stage 1-4)
  • Development of general academic confidence and performance in Key Stage 1-4
  • Preparation for scholarship exams for private schools
  • Preparation for SATS exams
  • ‘Get Ready for Grammar School’ sessions
  • English GCSE
  • Study skills and A Level exam technique – humanities and social sciences
  • University Undergraduate mentoring and Post-Graduate supervision (Education and EYPS)
  • Oxbridge interview techniques (Oxford & Cambridge Universities)
  • English as a foreign language lessons for adults or children
  • Please note that due to staffing constraints from October 2022 Staunton Tutorial Centre no longer offers the ‘After School Homework Club’, known as “Staunton Kids Club (SKC)” – supervised prep/homework sessions, without specific instruction, but staffed by Staunton team member. This after school provision is childcare qualifying rather than actual tuition. Children may undertake general or exam preparation homework under the watchful and caring eye of a level 3-6 qualified staff member. Attending homework club at the Centre means less distractions than at home and can take the pressure off parents.
  • Dyslexia assessments and support is offered here at Staunton Tutorial Centre on Saturdays with Catherine Wright of Dyslexia Network. Dyslexia Network​ is here to support children and adults with literacy and / or numeracy difficulties. Dyslexia Network offer a number of different types of assessments to suit the needs of the learner at that time of their lives. Dyslexia Network pride ourselves in delivering a flexible, supportive service. Collectively our teachers have over 100 years of experience. All the teachers have either Level 5 or Level 7 qualifications in teaching SpLD ( Dyslexia) many assessors have their Assessing Practising Certificate. For more information, please see:
2011 Mock 11+ for 44 Candidates at Staunton Tutorial

Mock 11+ for  Candidates at Staunton Tutorial Centre

Feedback about the 11+ course from local parents:

“Robert, My husband and I would like to say a huge thank you to you for everything that you have done for our son over the last year.  He has really enjoyed the challenge of the 11+ tutorial sessions and we have been delighted to see such a positive improvement in his attitude to his tutorial work, as well as his school work in general.  He feels ready and raring to go (with only a few nerves) for the exams next week. We have been extremely grateful for your thorough and systematic approach to the course.  As for most families, life is very busy, so to be able to read your detailed emails (which obviously take a lot of time and effort to put together) and have a step-by-step guide as to what needs to be done each week, was fantastic.  We have always felt reassured that every base has been covered and that we are doing our best to support our son.  We were particularly impressed with the mock exam arrangements last weekend, which was really helpful for him.   I think that he quite often felt that he was out on his own doing the 11+ work, as a lot of his current school mates are not taking the test, so to see the huge number of other girls and boys sitting the mock exam was a positive eye-opener for him. Many thanks, and best of luck with the 11+ results for this year. ____ and ____”

“Hi Robert, I wanted to firstly thank you for all the guidance, support and teaching you have given ____ over the last 11 months. After a tentative opening of the envelope, we were all absolutely over the moon with ____’s successful result. ____ was so happy! Also Robert, as my 11+ journey is now coming to a close, I wanted to conclude with a final Thank you for the amazing instruction you have given all of my three children over these 8 years. My children talk about you with great admiration, amongst themselves, their peers and anyone who asks them about tuition. My older daughter especially sings your praises. You showed her tools and skills that enabled her academic ability to prosper and this year she has started at University on her Degree, after achieving super A’ Level results. We all wish you and your family all the best for the future. Thank you again. ____, ____, ____ & last but not least ____.”

‘To Tutor or Not to Tutor? That is the Question’:

Although some secondary schools will request parents not to have their children tutored, especially for the 11+, local private schools and some Lincolnshire feeder schools teach 11+ Reasoning skills as part of their curriculum. This means that children who attend Nottinghamshire or Leicestershire state primary schools are at an unfair disadvantage. By Tutoring in a small group and focusing on enhancing a child’s underlying academic performance and their ability to attain well in exams, at Staunton Tutorial we offer children sustainable benefits. An academic assessment is offered initially, usually in Year 4, to determine how a child may find preparing for the 11+. As the 11+ is a very difficult exam with very specialist content, it seems very helpful to give a child every possible prospect of passing rather than throwing them in at the deep end. Some bright children who are not tutored or prepared can make silly mistakes such as missing out a page or misinterpreting a question series and this can mean failure for them. Staunton Tutorial students who pass their 11+ go on to thrive in the stimulating and high quality environment of Grammar School. At the Centre we do not permit or encourage any 1-to-1 ‘spoon feed’ tutoring which might go against the spirit and principles of the 11+ examination.

  • “In life there are a handful of people who are instrumental in the path we take, consider yourself [Robert] one of them in guiding our son to his next schooling chapter. We are very proud of him.” ~ From a local parent. (Tuition Centre)
  • Words of appreciation to the Robert Staunton Tutoring School:We just wanted you and your team to know Sophia was successful in passing her exams! She enjoyed her sessions with you. Her confidence has grown tremendously using your techniques. She admitted some 6 months into your course that she use to be anxious at her primary school around tests but now she takes them in her stride and even secretly rises to the challenge!!  Thank you.  Mr & Mrs R.”
  • “Thank you for a great first term with Will. He always enjoys his sessions with you and we are delighted with his positive attitude to his homework.  Last week’s feedback was ‘I don’t know how Robert makes learning such fun!‘ “ (feedback from local parent and son)
Staunton Tutorial Centre - Tuition Suite

Staunton Tutorial Centre – Tuition Suite

Staunton Tutorial Centre Teaching Suite:

The tuition centre was designed by Heritage Architects Marshall Sisson using Green Oak Timber Frame construction for sound ecological development.
Rural Renewal: From Crumbling Cattle Shed to Beautiful School

Children usually attend the tutorial in a small group. One to one coaching is available in special cases.


Feedback from Parent of Oxbridge Applicant: “Hi Robert, I’m delighted to tell you that my daughter has been accepted by Oxford University! Exams were very stressful so it’s a relief all round. I’m a very proud mum. Thank you for your help and support through the process. Best wishes Mrs. M”

All teaching is carried out by experienced tutor, Robert Staunton, who trained as a teacher at the University of Cambridge.

Feedback from a Parents after the 11+ Exam:

“I just wanted to say thank you for the last year with Sam and being patient with my million and one questions!
 Sam has come out (of the exam) today happy and that’s the main thing… The Tutorial Centre was perfect for Sam and your approach throughout with him has really been ideal as he has not once not wanted to go and has remained enthusiastic throughout this long year. So thank you again, I’ve already recommended you to friends just starting the process and I will definitely be in touch when my youngest reaches that stage. “ (Parent at local Primary school)

“I simply wanted to thank you for all that you have done for Jack in preparing for the 11 plus and making it as painless for him and for us as possible.  Regardless of the outcome Jack could not have been better prepared than he was … Thank you again” From a Year 6 Parent

‘Thank you Robert I couldn’t have done the 11+ without your help,  love from A__  x (year 6)

I totally second that Robert, thanks sooo much for all you help and support. It’s not been the easiest road with my daughter and we have all very much appreciated your help so much!  … It’s been very clear from the outset that you really care about the children as individuals and that is also very much appreciate by them and their parents; you are so kind and calm with them all!  Thanks so much, Mrs T.’ (Year 6 mum)

“Thank you Robert, We’ve been really impressed with your methodical and thorough approach to tutoring.  Noah has enjoyed the sessions. Thank you for all your help. Best wishes, Mrs S.”
Feedback after the Private School Exam:

” Dear Robert, I am delighted to tell you, J. has got a place at the High School. The Headmaster told us at the interview! He said J. had come in the top 25% in his exams and all the papers were consistent. He only got three wrong in the maths paper… Thank you so much for your help, I asked J. if he felt you had made a difference to his exams and he said definitely. He said you covered quite a lot of things that he had not covered at school and they were in the exam. So I think this helped give him an edge. I shall be contacting you nearer the time, for his younger brother to come and have extra tuition. I shall be able to start this sooner than I did with J. Once again thank you very much. Kindest regards, Mrs D.”

Feedback after SATS Preparation:
“The tuition you have provided has been excellent and _ ‘s confidence, and skill particularly in maths has developed so much, when in her Mock Sats, she came 2 in the year for Maths:  from a girl who for the past 3 years has been developing a mantra of “I am rubbish at Maths”  it has been wonderful to see her change to someone who is confident. We also anticipate that you may not have seen the last of _ , as she will no doubt require  academic “top ups” as we progress through this next part of her education. Thank you once more, and to let you know that I am recommending you to anyone who asks! Kind Regards, Dr. T.”

Staunton Tutorial Centre

Feedback from local parent:

“Thank you so much for the help you have given to my son this year…he has gained huge amounts of confidence, techniques and no doubt some valuable ‘learning skills and tools’ for later in his school life. I think that the mock 11+ exam at Staunton Tutorial was an extremely useful event for him and really helped him manage stress in the real exam as well as giving him some much needed confidence. I expect to be back next year with my daughter, B!” Mrs A

For information about Local Grammar Schools please see:

Feedback from local parent:

“Thank you so much for everything you have done for William – right from the start you very accurately assessed his needs, and his 11+ performance was as a result of your teaching. He loves his tutorials, and will miss coming to you very much.”

Feedback from children:

“Thank you for all your help and encouragement. I have enjoyed all my lessons.” From H.

“Thank you so much for helping me in the 11+, I couldn’t have got this far without you.” From J.

Scholarships to Private Day Schools:

Since the foundation of Staunton Tutorial tuition centre in 2001 a number of students have been awarded scholarships to Nottingham High School, Stamford, Ratcliffe College and other private schools. For more information about these schools and college scholarships please see:

Other Recommended Private Day and Boarding Schools:

Feedback from Tutorial Centre parents regarding their children:
“J. flourished academically last year. I don’t know if he mentioned this to you – he received an excellent school report. He was the only child in his year to beat all targets set for him. There was a clear step-change in his performance. It might be a coincidence but I believe his Tutorial sessions with you helped build up his confidence and the problem solving techniques helped with his regular schoolwork. ” (Feedback from a Parent)

“My daughter was behind but is now catching up. She jumped 3 sub levels this year. Best of all, her confidence has grown. For me, that is the main thing.

My daughter received her report. She scored slightly above average for reading and writing but bang on average for maths. I was worried about her maths last year, so from where she was, to where she is, is good progress. She enjoys maths now and that is why we came to you, truth be told. We don’t expect you to work miracles in 45 minutes but we hoped you would give her a different view of maths, which you have. You made it less daunting and frightening for her and she has more confidence to think she can do. Thank you. School didn’t do that and still don’t but my daughter enjoys your tutoring and willingly works with me at home. I follow your guidance. School have noticed my daughter’s maths development and specifically commented on it.

We are also happy for my son. He has always enjoyed your tutoring too!! If either my daughter or my son were against coming, we would never force them. It would be counter productive but they love coming to Staunton! We wanted learning to be fun for them and hope it will allow them to develop free thinking skills. Exam success, of course, is great but ultimately we get through life most successfully if we use our brains effectively outside of exams too!!! You have helped nurture their confidence. It has been great to see. ”   (Feedback from a Tutorial Centre parent.)

 “We would like to send our sincere thanks for all the support and skills you have given to George.
We have seen a real difference in his attitude to learning and his ability to work independently. He has thoroughly enjoyed your sessions. Getting him to the centre was never a chore and he was always buoyant afterwards. Although as parents with busy lives it’s been a challenge to get him to you it has been worth it. So thank you again, N. and C.
PS I can say the same for my daughter, she is thoroughly enjoying her sessions. We believe that it is translating to her English results. We will know more tomorrow after parents evening.”  (Feedback from a Tutorial Centre parent.)

“Hi Robert, Just wanted to thank you for all your efforts over the past year, and to let you know that ­_____ passed her 11+. It was a bit of a nailbiter as she fluffed the timing on the first paper …but luckily the second paper went well, so thank goodness that must have stood her in good stead. _____ really enjoyed her lessons with you, and her confidence blossomed throughout the year as she realised she ‘could do this’.  I shall personally miss the weekly hour of peace and quiet sitting outside your lovely school and/or walking the dog around your village! With grateful thanks,”

“Robert, Delighted to have received the letter from King’s School this morning with _____  11+ results. He scored _____  on the verbal test, and _____  also on the Non-Verbal, leading to a total score of _____. Regardless of that percentage, he scored way above the qualifying mark of 220. We are immensely proud of him for all his hard work.

We would however, like to very much pass our thanks on to you for the help that your lessons gave to all three of our children to get through the 11+ exams. Hopefully, come September 2019 we will have _____ settled in at Kings, along with the girls (by then in year – and – respectively) at KGGS. I am absolutely certain that they would not have done anywhere near as well in the exams without the support you and your team at Staunton were able to provide. Best Regards, _____”

“Dear Robert, I am writing to say thank you very much for all the work you have done with _____.  We had great news today.  _____ passed with an amazing score of _____.  He was over the moon with the result and we are very proud of the effort he put in. Thanks once again, _____”

“Dear Robert, Just to let you know we heard from school this morning that _____ ‘s11+ score is _____. School seems to think this is pretty good score. Many thanks for all your help. I’m sure _____ will want to send you her own thanks as she has enjoyed the tutorials. Best,”

“Hi Robert, Just wanted to share our news that _____ received a score of _____ from Kings. We think this means he got in as they talk of minimum being 220? Thank you very much indeed for all your help. _____ is very grateful as are we both. See you soon.”

“Hi Robert, Great new, _____ passed with a score of _____. He got _____ in VR and _____ in NVR. Thank you so much for helping _____ to achieve this, we are all very happy. Regards,”

“Hi Robert, We are delighted to let you know that _____ has passed his 11 plus with a standardised score of _____! He is over the moon! Thank you so much for all of the help you have given to _____. You have been amazing and he could not have done it without you!  He has his heart set on Kings so I am hoping this will be enough for him to get in.”

“Dear Robert, Thanks so much for your help with 11+. _____ passed with a high total of _____. You have been great with her as you have with my other children. I am really grateful. Now just the common entrance…. Many Thanks _____”

“Dear Robert, I just thought I’d let you know that _____ came out with a great score of _____ . A fantastic result which is testimony to his hard work and your facilitation. Thanks so much for all your help to _____ and support to me (wittering parents are probably the worst part of your job!!). I hope that the rest if your cohort have done as well!”

“Hi Robert, I just wanted to let you know that _____ has passed the 11+ with a total score of _____ his split was _____ verbal and _____ non verbal. A huge thank you for all of your efforts with him. We’re obviously all delighted. Many thanks,”

“Dear Robert, I wanted to thank you very much for all the hard work you have done with _____ this year. It has paid off as he has passed! He hasn’t quite equalled his brother’s score, which is probably a good thing as otherwise we’d hear no end of it…but it is still a good score and should be offered a place as the pass is set at 220. Many thanks for all you have done for the boys (and me) over the last few years and I hope your other pupils have done you proud. It has been a real pleasure to bring the boys to you for tuition and should they need a boost in the future, I will definitely come to you for advice and further coaching. Kind regards”

“Hi Rob, Just to say a massive thank from all of us.  Obviously _____ got his results today, and he passed with _____.  He’s over the moon and couldn’t be happier.  Thank you again for your work with him and believing in him. Best Wishes,”

“Dear Robert, I hope that you are well. We wanted to let you know that _____ was successful in her 11+. What an emotional morning it has been! We can’t thank you enough for all the encouragement and support you have given _____ – in addition to teaching her the essential skills and tactics to tackle the papers. _____ enjoyed the group tutorial sessions very much and found the mock test to be a positive experience. She went into both tests feeling quietly confident and as prepared as she could possibly be, which is all that we could have hoped for, whatever the outcome. It has been really interesting watching her apply the problem solving skills and growth mindset approach learnt in 11+ tutoring to other subjects and areas of her life. I’m sure these will stay with her and help her in the years to come. Best wishes”

“Hi Robert, Just got back after a weekend away and wanted to let you know the good news, _____ passed! He got _____. Am so pleased he passed, a great feeling for him after the hard work he put in to it over the last 11 months. Thank you once again for your expertise, advice and patience in supporting _____. We will no doubt be back with _____, the last of the clan!!”

“Hi Robert, I hope you are well. I’m delighted to tell you that _____ passed her 11+ exams. Thank you so much for all your coaching and help to enable her to achieve this.

We’re so pleased for her and she is over the moon! Thanks again,”

Rights Disclaimer: GL Assessment Papers For rights reasons Staunton Educational Ltd points out that it has no connection with GL Assessment Ltd. Parents choose to use GL Assessment papers voluntarily and always of their own volition because they are available openly online and also via public retail outlets. Parents opt for GL Assessment Papers for their children because GL Papers are recommended by ‘The Lincolnshire Grammar Schools Consortium’ and by local Grammar Schools’ admissions web pages.

Please note that Ofsted inspect the nursery provision under the Early Years Register, but do not inspect the Tutorial Centre.