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Testimonials for Staunton Montessori

This email is real to show my appreciation to you all. I have never been so overwhelmed by an overall kindness of a place. My daughter has had the very best start in education I could possible of wished for her at Staunton Montessori! The way the children are taught and encouraged and praised not pushed will most definitely impact them into growing up to be well balanced little people.” (Parent)

A letter from the Head Teacher of one of the top schools in England, Orston County Primary:

“Dear Robert, Adie, Staff and Children at Staunton Montessori,

 I am writing to thank you for making me feel so welcome when I visited your wonderful nursery this morning. As soon as I entered your building I was taken with how well the children were sitting and enjoying their reading time together. What a joy it is to see such amazing learning experiences as well as young children who are happy to talk about their time with you and sit so well, listening to each other’s views and taking turns.

 I was so impressed when I went around the different learning spaces and by your close attention to providing such diverse and carefully planned provision. At Orston Primary we have a real focus on nurturing all aspects of a child’s development and I now understand why children from your nursery transfer so well to us at FS2.

 Can I also add that I was thrilled to be invited to see the Forest School, as outdoor education is a real interest of mine. What a fantastic experience for your children, there is a lot to be said for children being free to explore and challenge themselves in a safe and open environment like yours.I know research has shown that most adults would say that their happiest childhood memories are linked to adventures in the out of doors. Your children get to have adventures every day!

Thank you again for inviting me to have a tour.

Kind regards,

Helen Jennings
Head Teacher, Orston Primary School (One of England’s Top 15 school in 2012-2012)

Another Outstanding Local Headteacher Praises Staunton Montessori:

“We are always delighted to receive children from the Nursery every year and we know that the children have all had a wonderful preparation for school life. 

Robert is always welcoming and approachable and shows great interest in our school and how his past pupils are getting on. He welcomes our Foundation Stage Leader to his school each year to ensure smooth transitions for each child.

Robert tutors a number of our children to help prepare them for their 11+ entrance exams and I know our children enjoy going to him. They have great confidence in him and like him very much.

Staunton Montessori is a nurturing environment for children and everyone speaks very highly of the organisation.

Mrs Sue Eveleigh 
(Now Emeritus) Head teacher
Long Bennington Church of England Academy (Oftsed Outstanding School)”

Farming week at Staunton Montessori

Farming week at Staunton Montessori

Letter from a Local GP:

“Thank you once again for looking after my daughter with such genuine kindness, care and a sense of fun this term. She absolutely loves nursery and is obviously thriving in the Staunton Montessori environment. When I get home from a busy day at work she is always full off the excitement of her day at nursery and the happy times she has had with you, which is just such a pleasure to hear.” – Comments from Dr S. a local GP.

Comment from a parent:

Just wanted to thank you and Adie for providing such a wonderful nursery, we really do appreciate everything you have done for the boys. The boys have gained so much attending your school and as parents we have been extremely comfortable leaving them in your care. Thank you for providing such a wonderful caring and learning and fun environment for the boys to grow and develop. You have an amazing team and please pass on our thanks to all of them, the boys keep saying we will miss the teachers and so will I!


Comments made in the School Satisfaction Survey

  • I really value the “spiritual” ambience
  • Your fantastic ability to create a home from home in a school environment makes it a pleasure for me to leave my son in your care
  • A fantastic nursery school.  My daughter loves coming – everybody at the school is so friendly and all the children always look so happy.  Well done!
  • This is a great school.  Facilities are very good and all the children appear to be thriving – what more can you ask for?  Well done!
  • Very pleased with the quality of care, environment and stimulation and most of all, our son is settled and happy and loves coming.
  • I have been astonished at how much my daughter loves coming to school and the progress she has made since she started.
  • I would not hesitate to recommend Staunton Montessori to anyone looking for a pre-school nursery for their child.
  • I am extremely happy with all aspects of the nursery…  I’ve no complaints whatsoever.  Thank you.
  • Extremely happy with the standard of childcare you provide – a very joyful environment for young children to thrive in.  I wish I was three years old again!
  • I always feel you are totally approachable and you make time to address any questions/comments.  You really know my daughter.

Expressions of Appreciation from Parents & Children….

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  • “Hello Robert, We have been meaning to write this letter for some time but now with our son’s leaving date upon us we feel that this is the right time to share our thoughts and feelings with you.We can’t praise you all highly enough for the work and care you show our children. From the moment we introduced our son to Montessori it’s been a transformation. Following a bad and rather stressful experience at another nursery both my wife and myself had reservations about trying somewhere new. How glad we are though that you and your team made us comfortable and confident enough to try again. What you’ve helped with and encouraged our son (and our younger son more recently) to achieve and become is amazing.

As with most parents there have been ups and downs a plenty but we’ve always been met and dealt with by happy, attentive and enthusiastic teachers.Vicky and the Red apples team have been truly outstanding. Our son has a bond and friendship with Vicky that we could only ever have wished for. The attention and understanding she has shown towards our son we feel is second to none. I’m not sure if you were aware but earlier this year we had some concerns and issues with regards our son’s confidence and participation, but when discussed With Vicky she had a clear and precise plan to change this that quite frankly has been incredible. Our little boy that had begun to shy away has become a confident, friendly, caring and attentive individual that will definitely miss his special friend and the rest of the Red apples team. Our younger son has also been shown amazing levels of love and attention by Suze, Val and the Green apples team. We’ve had many days where we’ve left him in floods of tears but nothing ever seems to faze them, and by the end of each day the worries and tears have always been replaced with laughter, smiles and most importantly fun. Whilst growing up fast as all children do he has definitely learnt the Montessori way and has also begun to show the confidence and individuality that’s always encouraged. Long may it continue into his own Red apples journey next term.
Thank you. Kind Regards, A.and P.”

  • “How can we thank you ALL enough? It has been such a pleasure to bring Alexa to Staunton every morning! Your entire approach to the children is wonderful. So much to keep them entertained and to develop them as individuals. We could not have wished for more! PJ and Hereward and Alexa (Age 4) x”
  • “I want to take this opportunity to thank you all, the staff are just unbelievably amazing, every morning handing the twins over to Marella, who not only is extremely popular with my children but who always goes above and beyond and is always so happy,  supportive, caring, helpful and dedicated to her role at the nursery and I have to say immensely organised. All four of my children have been provided with the most magical, safe and exciting setting to come and experience on a day to day basis, Where they have been creative, imaginative and have formed some very special friendships. We are so lucky to have had the opportunity to be apart of Staunton Montessori for the past 16 years on and off and we thank you for the bottom of our hearts for the dedication from each and every staff member. You guys will be missed by us all and I can’t thank you enough! Staunton Montessori will always have a special place in our hearts and will always be highly recommended by myself and my family to everyone. We will miss you all.”
  • “Dear Robert, The sense of adventure, desire to explore and the ability to enjoy simple pleasures that you and your team have instilled in Jack and Georgia mean that they leave Staunton two happy, well adjusted little characters. They head to primary school having spent two years at such a special place to start their education. Jo and I wanted to place on record our sincere gratitude to you and everyone at Staunton for giving the twins an amazing start. Thank you once again.” (Jo and Richard Aram)
  • “You have all been so wonderfully kind and have helped our son to grow into the happy and confident boy he is today! We will  miss you!” (Wendy Ismail)
  • “Dear Robert, Please can you pass on a big thank you to all your staff involved in the care of Emily and James at Staunton during their time there, especially, Susan, Robyn and Vicky.They have experienced many activities and have flourished and gain confidence in themselves. Also thank you for the lovely books which are so them……In years to come they will have the books to look back on. Kind Regards, Carol”


  • “Thank you so much for taking great care of my little boy. He has loved his first term at nursery thanks to you. Thank for looking after me too! He can’t wait to be a Red Apple…Lots of Love, ” (Parent of 3 year old)
  • “My husband and I just wanted to thank you for the bursary that you gave our son this year.  Without your help, we wouldn’t have been able to keep him solely at Staunton and give him the consistency of environment that we wanted for him.  He has thoroughly enjoyed his time at nursery, and as parents we have been so impressed with the facilities you have and the opportunities you have given him. He has blossomed through the Staunton approach to nursery care.  It is so refreshing for us as ‘less affluent’ parents, to have been able to access the best quality nursery care through your generosity and it certainly proves that Staunton is a nursery for everyone.” (Parents in receipt of a bursary)
  • “We wanted to thank you for creating such an inspiring, fun and welcoming environment for my little girl. She has adored her time with you and with this confidence and preparation has taken to the Red Apples group straight away.” (Parents of a 3 year old soon after transition between groups at Staunton Montessori.)

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  • “Thanks for making my daughter’s transition to early learning so enjoyable. She’s loved every minute of nursery and will miss coming over the summer break. Thank again…x” (Parents of a 2 year old)
  • “To all my lovely teachers, I have drawn you a camel to say a BIG THANK YOU for looking after me so well at nursery. I will miss you very, very much. With lots and lots of love, Sofia (age 4) xxxxxxx”
  • From Ian, Emma-Jane and Mia (age 4):

“It’s hard to believe that Mia’s time at Staunton has come to an end. When I first brought Mia to nursery I could not have imagined her being the little girl she is today. She has grown in confidence and… she has been very happy… Many thanks for the dedication and care you have all shown. I could not have wished for a better start. Love & Happy Memories, Ian, Emma-Jane and Mia x”

  • To All at Staunton Montessori, from Charlotte and Jon-Paul D.

“We just wanted to say a big thank you to all the staff for taking such good care of Poppy over the last 2 years.  It has been a truly wonderful time that Poppy has had at Montessori and we have seen her development race ahead whilst being in the Montessori learning environment.

We have been very impressed with the education Poppy has received at Montessori and feel very confident that she will be leaving you more than well equipped to start the next chapter of her education.

We have also been impressed, and truly grateful, with the philosophy employed at the school that embraces the family into the learning experience. This has meant that we were able to reinforce what Poppy learnt at school at home but also be able to engage with Poppy about school and talk about her day. If you had not kept us so well informed at all times throughout Poppy’s time at the school, all we ever would have learnt from Poppy when we asked her what had she done that day was “all sorts”. However, the communication from the school and availability and openness of the staff has meant that the combination of a great school and a caring family produces ‘great students’.

We truly believe in the philosophies Montessori embodies and think that Staunton Montessori delivers this excellently. We hope the staff will know that the school will always remain dear to our hearts and we will always have a commitment to the school and would love to support it to grow and continue to develop anyway we can.

So once again thank you so much to everyone at Staunton Montessori and we shall miss you.

Fondest Regards

Charlotte and Jon-Paul D.”

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  • From Ann, Jonathan, Rachel and Olivia (age 4):

“Sadly the time has come for us to say goodbye to Staunton Montessori. We would like to thank Robert and Adie as well as all the staff for the love and care that you have all given to Rachel and Olivia over the years. We have so many happy memories of our time with you, and I know that Montessori will always have a special place in out hearts. With much love from, Ann, Jonathan, Rachel and Olivia”

  • “Dear Robert, Adie and all the Staff, Just a little note from Ellie and Fenella to say a BIG thank you for letting them be a part of such a special school which has given them both such a wonderful start in life. Thank you for all the extra support you have all given Ellie which has helped her so much. I really wish that they could have stayed! But I know both of them will never forget Staunton Montessori and the wonderful time they spent there. Lots of love, Steph, Neil, Fenella and Ellie xxxx”
  • “To, All the Amazing Staunton Staff! Thank you so much for all the warmth and care you have given to Ben over the past year. Each and every one of you have the highest professionalism in my regard. I have been so pleased with his progress – he has especially fond memories of the Forest School and it gives me joy and sadness to close this chapter of his preschool year, All our love, Scott, Lou and Ben (Aged 4) xxx”


  • “To All the staff at Staunton, Thank you so much for looking after Oliver and Lydia with so much enthusiasm, kindness and genuine interest in each of them. You manage to create a very fun, warm and lovely environment. I know that they have both absolutely loved coming to nursery which has been a real comfort for me whilst I am at work. Ollie is really going to miss you all and the wonderful times you had together, particularly I suspect in the Forest School. Lydia is looking forward to more fun in the red apples next term. With lots of love and thanks, Emma, Ben, Ollie (4 years) and Lydia (3 years) xxxx”
  • “Dear Adie and Robert, Just a little note to say thank you so much for making James’ and Callum’s introduction to school so perfect. We could not have wished for a better start for them. I am very sad that their time at Staunton has come to an end. Maybe I’ll have to have another baby! Wishing you both the very best, Lots of love, Lucy & Logan”

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  • “To Robert, Adie, Jo and all the team at Staunton. Well I cannot believe that today is Laura’s’ last day at “Adie’s House”. Thank you to everyone for giving Laura a wonderful and happy 2 years and a fantastic start their education. I shall be so sorry to see her leave, but know that she has been given the confidence to go happily to big school. Wishing you all a wonderful summer and good luck to Robert & Adie for the new baby. Michelle, Don, Laura & Jennifer (see you in September with Jennifer)”
  • “To Rob & Adie, We can’t begin to thank you for giving Ollie such an incredible start in life. When we think how he’s come on over the last few years with your love and support it brings more than a tear to our eyes. You are two very special people with an amazing vision that is unfolding every day in the hearts of all the children you touch. Thank you both so much. With much love, Joy, Ju, Ollie & Ben”
  • “To Robert Adie, Jo, Caroline, Sarah, Susan and Hilary, Thank you all so much for looking after Max. He has had a great time in your nursery and we are so pleased with how he has progressed in all areas. He has had five fantastic terms at Staunton. Hope you have a lovely summer with Ben and your forthcoming arrival. With many thanks and very best wishes, Anna, Neil and Alice”
  • “T0 all at Staunton School, Thank you so much for your ongoing support of Max. Max has been very happy at school and I feel it has given him a firm basis in which to begin at Burton Joyce primary in September. Keep up the good work. You never know I may see you all in the future, needing your assistance again. Sarah and Ian.”
  • “To Robert, Adie and all the Staff. Thank you for looking after me and helping me to have lots of fun. I love coming and think my brother is looking forward to his turn to come too. Mummy thinks it is great and wants to thank everyone for their warm friendly help and support. Love from James. PS thank you from me and mummy for all the cuddles Jo gives me and all the kind words.”
  • “Dear Adie and Robert, Thank you for all you have done to ensure that Ned’s time at Staunton has been so positive for him. You have given him a fantastic start in life and we really appreciate it. Ranzi and Anna”


  • “To Everyone at Staunton Montessori Nursery: A big thank you to you all for all the help, support and care you have given Jack this term. Many thanks, Louise & Mark”
  • “Dear Robert & Adie, Thank you so much for giving Alfie such a wonderful start this education. We have all enjoyed his time with you so much. We will miss you very much and hope that you will keep in touch and visit us one day on the Isle of Wight. Love, Steve Cary & Alfie”
  • “To everyone at Staunton. Thanks for making my time so special. Ollie Rees”
  • “Dear Robert & Adie, Thank you both so much for being such wonderful friends and teachers. Lots of love,  Jackson”
  • “To Adie, Thank you for being such a special teacher, Love and Kisses Bethany”
  • “To all my teachers. Thank you for making my year at nursery a very special one. Love from Emy”
  • “My daughter absolutely loves Staunton Montessori School. It shows because she is bright, happy and sings all the time! I know she loves it, as each morning she attends, she is very enthusiastic about going. I would always  recommend this Montessori School at Staunton.” Sarah G.


  • “Adrienne & Robert provided a warm, friendly and welcoming environment where learning is enjoyable and fun. Sophie is always welcomed and put immediately at ease – she is always eager to enter the classroom and start her day. Sophie’s continuing development is wonderful to see. She takes great pride in the work she brings home and has enjoyed all the projects undertaken. We would have no hesitation in recommending the school to any parent.” Sue M.
  • “Often our daughter wakes up and asks excitedly, ‘Is it school today?’ She just loves Adrienne, Robert and Staunton Montessori School.” Kay M.


  • “This is our son’s first experience of Nursery School and he has settled in really well. Robert and Adrienne make him feel so welcome and seem to be able to tailor their programme to suit each child’s individual needs. This is particularly so with our son, who has Special Needs and their care and dedication to cater and adapt to his needs is very much appreciated by us (his parents) and by our son. This is evident in the way that he responds to Robert and Adrienne. The end of year report and feedback session was very useful and informative, and their assessment of our son’s abilities and his needs were interesting and insightful. Keep up the great work!” Patrick N.
  • “We are so glad we discovered Staunton Montessori School, for our son aged three years. It’s happy atmosphere, bright and cheerful surroundings and fun approach to learning have enhanced our son’s development enormously.” Jackie S.


Staunton Tuition References and Testimonials